Principles and Practices of Oral Communication: Appraisal Theory and Its Application to Casual Conversation

This is the only book based on the 'appraisal' theory (evaluative language) that has been applied in a casual conversation context. The appraisal theory has recently been formulated within the interpersonal meaning framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics. This book outlines the newly emerged theory and then applies it to the evaluative expressions that end in 'Y' (e.g. fussy, cranky, quirky, etc.).
Sook Hee (Susan) Lee was born in South Korea and migrated to Australia in 1991. She spent 20 years learning English yet she came to realize that despite having a deep knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, she didn’t know real colloquial English. She observed that native English speakers love to use 'Y' ending expressions in everyday life situations, and came to suspect that there is a widespread deficiency in the way that English is taught. After completing a Master's course in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Wollongong, and a PhD in TESOL at the University of Sydney, her suspicion was confirmed when she conducted a survey targeting adult ESL students. The results indicated that the vast majority of the international students surveyed barely knew the expressions that end in 'Y'. In this book you will learn one of the most innovative and yet simple approaches to teaching casual conversation as well as discovering exceptionally useful teaching materials. ESL/EFL learners will learn the 'secret' of real expressions that native English speakers use in everyday life situations.

"This is a quirky, interesting, playful book…It expresses the exceptional talent that Dr Susan Lee has for introducing her passion for systemic functional linguistics into very practical, very amusing language learning activities for those learning English as a second or foreign language…Principles and Practices of Oral Communication shows how a powerful linguistic theory can be used to produce effective and enjoyable language learning experiences. This is an important book by a truly scholarly teacher who has drawn on her own experience as an English language learner to empower all who read this work."
Len Unsworth
Professor in English and Literacies Education,  Australian Catholic University, Sydney, Australia

"This book will be very useful for teachers and learners alike. The author has identified a very interesting area of language that will make users sound more natural and takes their vocabulary to places most coursebooks have previously ignored."
Richard Pincus
Head of teaching at the Embassy Language Centre, Sydney, Australia
"This book embodies a unique approach to describing aspects of the English language which learners often do not get taught but which are essential to function effectively in an English-speaking environment. The application of the appraisal model of evaluative language in resources for language learners is novel, and the focus on words ending in –y allows a surprisingly wide range of commonly-used evaluative terms to be introduced and exemplified."

Professor Geoff Thompson
Honorary Senior Fellow
School of English, University of Liverpool
When Sook Hee Lee arrived in Australia with three little children, she could not speak a word of English. After recovering from a life threatening disease, she obtained a PhD in TESOL at the University of Sydney at the age of 48. She then taught EAP and IELTS programs in Australia, and became an EAP curriculum developer and a trainer of EAP teachers at the Embassy Language Centre. She has published an academic essay-related book and 10 papers solely in American, English and Australian-based journals. She is a reviewer of the Journal of US-China Foreign Language and Sino-US English Teaching, and is on the Editorial Board of the TESOL Journal, a sister journal to the Asian EFL Journal. She is a member of the Association for Academic Language and Learning (AALL) and the Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ASFLA). Her main research interests are in the areas of functional grammar, interpersonal meaning – including evaluation in essay writing – and intercultural rhetoric. She is currently working at Charles Sturt University Study Centre in Sydney as a Study Support Coordinator and as an adjunct lecturer at the university. Her main role is to teach both local and international students at undergraduate and Masters' level how to write academic essays critically. Following a vote by students, Dr Lee was awarded the Best Customer Service Award 2012 for making a positive contribution to their writing and providing a professional, timely and friendly service.


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