Teacher's Manual - Creative Writing For English as Foreign Language Learners: A Course Book

Are you a teacher looking for a unique challenge as you help your students to hone their English skills? If so, this book is for you. Each of 18 lessons presents teacher's notes, a learning activity and class assignments to challenge your students to write creatively as they explore famous quotes by relating them to themselves and to others they know. They will look for errors in a passage, they will expand writing with the use of adjectives and adverbs, and introduced here for the first time, the NLP Meta Model challenge will help them write more concisely so that others understand them more fully and completely. Each lesson also includes a short creative homework assignment to enable your students to explore different forms of writing including the friendly letter, a formal email and poetry. This book will give you the tools to make your English lessons more interesting and something that your students will look forward to.

A unique collaboration between a native Chinese Professor and an English Foreign Language Expert, this book will enable you to teach students to write more creatively as they explore many forms of English writing. The variety of assignments will keep students engaged in learning as each lesson includes learning activities, an essay, and challenges to overcome as the students become detectives looking for errors and writers painting word pictures. Your students will explore three western holidays as they explore the culture of the Western world.

This book complements the student edition which has readings and parallel activities to prepare the student for class each week. This book can stand alone as a teacher's guide, or be used for weekly assignments in a class setting. It provides complete lessons with everything you need as a teacher to allow your students to explore and enjoy using English creatively. The lessons are written for undergraduates but have been used for high school students and would be equally appropriate for postgraduates as each person explores their own depths in their writing.

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