Dick Stoute

After a career in electrical engineering and business, during which I became very interested in what motivates people, I suddenly realized that fear was the main motivator for many people. So I researched the topic and wrote a book called Understanding Fear: The Key to a Brighter Future. I continue to develop the topic in my Blog. Sailing is my sport. I am a competitive sailor, participating in Caribbean regattas from Tobago to St. Maarten. This led to an interest in handicapping and I became a measure and then the Chief Measurer for the Caribbean Rating Rule for several years. I also developed an interest in philosophy and after doing much reading, I did a M.Phil in philosophy at the Cave Hill Campus, Barbados where I wrote a thesis, "The Metaphysics of Information." This was completed in 2005 and prompted early retirement to continue developing my ideas in philosophy. I enrolled at Reading University in 2008 to do a PhD in philosophy.
About Understanding Fear:
If we are to be as happy and fulfilled as possible we need to fully acknowledge the role that fear plays in our lives. Stoute claims that crime, aggression, mental violence, and physical violence, all have a common underlying cause; they all arise from fear. Increasing our individual mental health requires first accepting fear and then overcoming it; Stoute shows us how to do this. Improving the human social realm - reducing violence and war - requires changing the fear-dominated structures that underpin society; these structures are embedded in what Stoute calls the 'war paradigm'. By accepting the ways in which fear shapes our individual lives, and the role it has played in shaping our social structures, we are able to change ourselves, restructure society and move to a better and brighter future. Stoute outlines how this can be done, how we can move from the war paradigm to the learning paradigm. The learning paradigm leads to individual self-development; it also leads to more effective and productive businesses and other social structures.

"This is the most in-depth analysis of the causes of the phenomena of fear. Stoute traces this to how society is structured and managed as well as to how we perceive ourselves in relation to social norms. He encourages us to develop confidence in our abilities to do what we want to do as the way of overcoming fear. He points out that fear is an innate feature of life and is not necessarily a bad thing, when managed properly. He argues that if not managed properly, it will inhibit creativity and stifle growth. Stoute shows us how to properly manage fear, and points out that it is the responsibility of each of us to manage anything that can stimulate fear so as not to become a victim. This book does not only make interesting reading, but it stimulates the reader to think at a level never experienced before. It is a must for each household."   Dr. Ashwell Thomas


1    Our War Paradigm

2    Social Responses to Fear

3    The Hierarchy of Fear

4    Fearful Myths

5    Summary: Where we are coming from. Where we are now. Where we are going

6    Psycho Fractals

7    Goals

8    War Paradigm to Learning Paradigm

9    The Learning Paradigm

10    Strategy for the Learning Paradigm