Creative Writing For English as Foreign Language Learners: A Course Book

Are you a student looking for a new challenge as you hone your English skills?  If so this book is for you. A unique collaboration between a native Chinese Professor and an English Foreign Language Expert, this book will help you to write more creatively as you explore many forms of English writing including poetry and essays. The variety of assignments will keep you engaged in your learning and challenge you in fun ways.

Each of 18 lessons presents short assignments to challenge you to write creatively as you explore famous quotes by relating them to yourself and to others you know. You will look for errors and then be able to go to the end of the book and find out how you did. You will learn to expand your writing with the use of adjectives and adverbs. You will explore three western Holidays as you explore the culture of the Western world. Introduced here for the first time is the NLP Meta Model challenge to help you write more concisely so that others understand you more fully and completely. Each lesson also includes a short creative homework assignment to invite you to explore different forms of writing including the friendly letter, a formal email and writing poetry.

This book can be used as a standalone practice book, or it can be used for weekly assignments in a class setting. The lessons are written for the undergraduate college student; however, they have also been used for high school students. Postgraduates would also find the lessons to be of great use as they explore the depths in their writing.

Lesson 1:    Lesson of Introduction

Lesson 2:    Character Sketch

Lesson 3:    Obituaries

Lesson 4:    Giving Directions

Lesson 5:    Writing Directions to Do a Thing

Lesson 6:    Descriptive Essay

Lesson 7:    The Friendly Letter

Lesson 8:    Formal Emails

Lesson 9:    Western Culture: Halloween

Lesson 10:   Poetry

Lesson 11:   Writing a Pro/Con Essay

Lesson 12:   Copyright Ways and Haiku

Lesson 13:   Thanksgiving and a Christmas Carol

Lesson 14:   A Christmas Carol and Character Analysis

Lesson 15:   A Christmas Carol and Outlines

Lesson 16:   A Christmas Carol and Compare and Contrast Essays

Lesson 17:   A Christmas Carol and Peer Editing

Lesson 18:   A Christmas Carol and Final Review

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